Choose Your Own Adventure: Career Paths at 3M
Oct 14, 2019

With four business groups and a wide variety of roles as options, each 3Mer has the opportunity to make and shape a career that fits their passions and expertise. It’s one of the reasons 3Mers love working here. And along each 3Mer’s career journey, there’s usually someone equally amazing by their side.

For Kris Richardson, senior research biologist in 3M’s Corporate Research Materials lab (CRML), the wide variety of career paths (and the many 3M technologies) was what appealed to him most about working here. His wife, Jen, loves that he can do what he wants with his career. Hear what she has to say about her husband’s work at 3M:

Kris’ 3M Adventure

Before coming to 3M more than a year ago, Kris earned his bachelor’s degree and doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Toledo and The Ohio State University. While his time at 3M has been brief, he’s gained a better understanding of the biopharmaceutical field. “I’ve been given the ability to develop technologies for the area of biopharmaceutical filtration, which has exposed me to the technical diversity of 3M,” he says.

Jen has seen firsthand how Kris’ career goals have developed and changed since starting at 3M. “Kris has always been a hard worker and eager to learn, but when he comes home from work now, he’s excited to go to work the next day. He loves what he’s doing and enjoys who he is doing it with. Before 3M, Kris had only expressed an interest in research and development. He now is working hard to pursue not only research, but also leadership opportunities within 3M. In short, 3M has invested in my husband and he has therefore been inspired to invest in himself.”

Kris sees himself continuing technical work in the CRL for the next five to six years. After that, he has three career paths he’s considering: transitioning to the business/marketing side of 3M, continuing his technical career or transitioning to a management or leadership role. He says it’s too early to narrow down one career path, but he does know that he wants it to reflect his strongest traits: “As I grow as a person, my personality and interests will continue to change and evolve, and I hope to pursue a career at 3M where the combination of those can be completely utilized.”

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