Nobel Laureates Explore “The Future of Ageing” at Nobel Prize Dialogue
Jun 5, 2019

Nobel Laureates met in Madrid recently to discuss the challenges of ageing as part of Nobel Prize Dialogue.

The dialogue, held May 22, featured Nobel Laureates Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Laureate in Literature, 2010; Edvard Moser, Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, 2014; Ada Yonath, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 2009; Finn Kydland, Laureate in Economic Sciences, 2004; and Edmund Phelps, Laureate in Economic Sciences, 2006.

The conference covered topics including how long we will live in the future to how long we can afford to live and how long we ought to live.

Panels considered how education needs to change in an ageing society and the rights of older people and health-related aspects of living longer. A special focus included examining the diseases of ageing, such as dementia and cancer, and how science can contribute to solving urgent issues.

“3M’s support of this important event represents our commitment to advancing scientific research and education on the future of ageing,” said Kourosh Motalebi, 3M Corporate Affairs, who is leading the 3M–Nobel Strategic Relationship. “As part of a select group of Nobel International Partners, we hope to inspire students and experts to continue the dialogue about the scientific, economical and philosophical questions around ageing.”

Nobel Media arranged the event with the support of 3M and other Nobel International Partners.

3M and Nobel Media have collaborated since 2016 to hold international, inspirational events that have brought Nobel Laureates to Dubai, India, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Chile and now Spain.

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