Introducing 3M’s New Periodic Table of Technology Platforms
May 20, 2019

We are excited to announce the addition of nine new elements to our 3M Periodic Table of Technology Platforms – our most extensive update since 2010. 

Why are we excited? Because 3M’s Periodic Table helps show the breadth of the technologies that sets 3M apart from all other companies – and now there’s more setting us apart than ever before. 

Originally created in 2006 with 44 elements, this latest version of the table now has a grand total of 51 elements. The elements represent the materials, processing, capabilities, digital technologies and applications that we combine in unique and creative ways to create value for our customers.  

Take new-to-the-table Computer Vision: Computer Vision plays an integral role in a variety of innovative 3M products across multiple divisions. The company’s expertise in light management materials when fused with state-of-the-art pattern recognition algorithms yield innovative products with enhanced machine readability properties. Such efforts include license traffic signs and pavement markings that can help autonomous vehicles navigate, orthodontic treatments that are tailored to the patient and advanced image acquisition and analytics technologies for digital oral care. 

The new technology platforms are highlighted in the image above and include: 

  • Additive Manufacturing 
  • Connected Systems 
  • Computer Vision 
  • Data Science & Analytics 
  • Metamaterials 
  • Advanced Robotics 
  • Release Materials 
  • Sustainable Design 
  • Thermal Management

The latest changes show how 3M’s business focus has shifted over the last 10 years, while also showing growth opportunities for the future, said John Banovetz, senior vice president and chief technology officer at 3M. 

“Every day, 3M employees tap into their curiosity, passion and purpose – using 3M science across 51 different technology platforms and insights from our customers and the markets we serve to create new-to-the-world solutions to solve our customers’ problems,” John said. 

The refresh is part of 3M’s ongoing investments to make the company even stronger, which includes the technology capabilities and close to 6% of sales going into research and development each year. 

Check out the latest version of the table to find out more about each technology platform and how we apply it at 3M. 

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