Discovering and Knowing Your Value: Inclusion at 3M
Nov 11, 2019

Employees at 3M are a part of an inclusive culture where they can collaborate with other curious, creative minds. Every day they have opportunities to work with people who offer diverse perspectives and backgrounds. It’s one of the reasons 3Mers love working here, and those closest to them have noticed, too.

Kris Richardson, senior research biologist at 3M, felt like he belonged as soon as he started working here. And his wife, Jen, took note. Hear what she has to say about her husband’s sense of belonging at 3M:

A Deep Dive into Inclusion at 3M
After graduating with a bachelor’s degree and doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Toledo and The Ohio State University, Kris started his career at 3M and immediately felt like he was part of the team. “Within the first few months, I was encouraged to present my results and give ideas at technical meetings. And afterward, my group members would ask for my opinion on various challenges, which really made it clear that I’m valued here,” shared Kris.

Even though he knew that inclusion was important, Kris didn’t realize just how much value and growth it could bring 3M until he joined the African American Network (AAN), one of 3M’s nine employee resource groups. “Since starting a year ago, I’ve had the opportunity to attend AAN events like the Leadership Development Conference and take part in programs like the mentorship program aimed at providing members with the tools to overcome barriers and drive career advancement,” said Kris. “These events not only educate 3Mers on why including African Americans accelerates growth and profitability, but they also have helped me understand my value.”

Kris is extremely grateful to those who have helped him gain a better understanding of 3M. “Whether it was a new employee like myself or a VP, everyone has taken time out of their busy schedule to share their experience at 3M and get to know me.”

And Kris’ wife, Jen, is so thankful for the community Kris has found here. “He says things like ‘I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow’— something I’d never heard him say since I’ve known him. He’s volunteered for fundraisers and to be a part of teams. I just love that he comes home with stories about his coworkers and the conversations he had that day, because he used to keep to himself more.”

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