3M supports disaster relief from Southeastern U.S. to Southeast Asia
Oct 17, 2018

3M is responding to communities devastated by natural disasters this year in the U.S. and Asia as part of our commitment to improving lives. The company works with international humanitarian aid partners to donate needed supplies and cash to help in recovery efforts.

3M’s Global Relief Fund

In 2017, 3M established a Global Relief Fund in the wake of an unprecedented number of natural disasters in Mexico, Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico. 3M’s total support for disaster relief added up to more than $3.5 million in cash and product donations last fall alone. 3M was one of the first companies to establish a foundation in 1953, and since that time the company has contributed $1.45 billion in cash and in-kind gifts to community partners.


Earthquakes in Indonesia

Between the end of July and early October, Indonesia experienced multiple earthquakes and numerous aftershocks – damaging roads, homes and infrastructure. On Sept. 28, the largest earthquake of 7.4 magnitude also generated a tsunami that significantly affected coastal areas. American Red Cross estimates that more than 1,700 people have died, more than 250 are missing, close to 2,000 have been injured and more than 430,000 have been displaced – though the full impact isn’t yet known. 3M provided a $50,000 cash donation to support relief and recovery.

(Red Cross)

Typhoon and mudslides in the Philippines

On Sept. 15, Typhoon Mangkhut made landfall as the strongest typhoon to hit the Philippines since 2013. It has displaced more than 230,000 people and damaged or destroyed homes, infrastructure and crops. The typhoon also triggered landslides in two villages – bringing the death toll to over 100 people.

3M provided a cash donation of $25,000 to advance humanitarian aid efforts.

Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael struck the Florida Panhandle on October 10. Dozens died and thousands more were left homeless in the region. 3M is working with our humanitarian aid partners provide needed emergency supplies, products and assistance to communities affected. The donations so far include:

  • 8,000 protective coveralls
  • More than 41,000 tubes of Ultrathon Insect Repellent
  • 1,000 X-ray drapes
  • 15,000+ 3M Avagard™ Gel Instant Hand Antiseptic
(Red Cross)

Hurricane Florence in Southeastern U.S.

On Sept. 14, Hurricane Florence made landfall in North Carolina and affected other southeastern states including South Carolina and Virginia. The storm caused flooding, loss of power and around three dozen deaths. Organizations like the American Red Cross continue to offer food, shelter and support services to those affected in the Carolinas.

3M provided product donations valued at more than $500,000 to our humanitarian aid partners to support affected communities. Used to provide emergency healthcare services, our product donations included the following items:

  • 140,000 surgical masks
  • 300 rolls of ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape
  • 6,000+ bottles of 3M Avagard™ Hand Hygiene Solutions
  • 57,000+ various ACE™ and FUTURO™ bandages and First Aid tapes
  • 23,000 protective eyewear
  • 13,000+ gloves
  • 300,000 respirators

Along with providing support in the wake of natural disasters, 3M works with humanitarian aid partners American Red Cross, Direct Relief and MAP International to pre-stock warehouses with supplies commonly used during relief operations.

Read more about 3M’s efforts to improve lives around the world.

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