3M and Nobel Media Partner Explore ‘The Age to Come’ at Tokyo Nobel Prize Dialogue Event
Mar 28, 2019

Why do we age? How long can we live? How does lifestyle interact with the aging process? 

These are a few of the questions addressed in a unique meeting arena featuring Nobel Laureates, experts and other curious minds during the Nobel Prize Dialogue in Tokyo on March 17.

The day explored new insights on the science of aging, how to address financial and societal challenges tied to changing population structures and how technology can help alleviate the burdens of old age. Key opinion leaders, policy makers, students, researchers and the general public gathered at the Pacifico Yokohama Conference Center, along with five Nobel Laureates, including Tasuku Honjo, the Japanese Medicine Laureate from 2018, to talk about why and how we age. 

Photo © Nobel Media

During the event, the audience listened to a discussion around the question of why we age with Professor Emeritus from Newcastle University Tom Kirkwood and Nobel Laureates Elizabeth H. Blackburn and Tim Hunt. ​

“3M is committed to advancing scientific research and education to improve lives around the world,” said Kourosh Motalebi, 3M International Operations, leading the 3M–Nobel Strategic Relationship. As one of a select group of Nobel International Partners, 3M's goal is to help inspire and engage students and experts around the world through these events.

Photo © Nobel Media

3M and Nobel Media have collaborated since 2016 to hold international, inspirational events that have brought Nobel Laureates to Dubai, India, Tokyo, Singapore, Korea and Chile. 3M and Nobel Media will continue to collaborate over several years to bring light to important global issues.

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