3M Strengthens Its Commitment to Environmental Stewardship
Apr 26, 2019
In a joint press release, 3M and the West Morgan-East Lawrence Water and Sewer Authority (“WMEL”) announced a resolution of WMEL’s lawsuit against 3M regarding PFAS levels in Alabama drinking water.

3M is committed to responsible environmental stewardship and protecting natural resources. The company works with federal, state and local authorities regarding environmental aspects of all our operations and is dedicated to acting with integrity in the way we treat our customers and the way we treat the environments in which we operate.

3M has invested more than $50 million toward installing carbon filtration systems for drinking water sources, and more than $100 million has been invested in testing water sources around the country to better understand the quality of both groundwater and drinking water in communities. We will continue to invest in cutting-edge cleanup technology and work with communities to identify where this technology can make a difference. We also welcome testing by independent scientific bodies in addition to conducting our own ongoing testing.

We understand people have concerns about chemicals in the environment, and people should have confidence that their drinking water is safe. That is why 3M will continue to dedicate time and resources to researching PFAS. The more we all know about our water, the better off our communities will be.

To learn more, visit www.pfasfacts.com.

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