3M Responds to EPA’s PFAS Action Plan
Feb 14, 2019

As a company committed to responsible environmental stewardship and protecting natural resources, 3M published a statement applauding the Environmental Protection Agency’s creation of a PFAS Action Plan. You can read our statement below:

“3M supports EPA’s creation of a PFAS Action Plan and looks forward to reviewing the plan in detail. 3M agrees with EPA moving forward with the Safe Drinking Water Act’s maximum contaminant level process with respect to PFOA and PFOS. We support regulation rooted in the best-available science and believe that this plan may help prevent a patchwork of state standards that could increase confusion and uncertainty for communities.

“3M also urges the EPA to continue to fully engage with communities and to ensure action items in the plan are completed on a clearly-defined schedule. This will provide citizens with the highest degree of confidence in the quality of their drinking water.”

To learn more about 3M’s research behind PFAS, visit: www.PFASFacts.com.

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