12 Countries and Counting: One 3Mer's Global Career
Sep 16, 2019

3M employees work with a large network of the world’s best minds in more than 87 countries. As a corporate scientist, and 3M’s chief science advocate, Jayshree Seth is fortunate to travel around the globe to visit customers, collaborate with her peers and share the importance of science with people. Among those who have taken notice of her amazing travels over the years are her children. Check out what her daughter Manashree has to say about her mom’s work travels:

An In-Depth Look into Jayshree’s Travels

Jayshree came to the US from India to pursue graduate school. In the 25 years since Jayshree received her doctorate in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University, her work at 3M has taken her to 12 countries around the world: Germany, Mexico, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, France, Japan, China, Turkey, Brazil, Poland and Canada.

“I have traveled to many countries for customer meetings, meeting with other 3Mers or to run an experiment in our factories. I traveled to Turkey a few years ago, which was particularly memorable because it was my first time speaking about 3M innovation as a corporate scientist to a large external audience,” she says. “In my role as chief science advocate, I was one of the keynotes at the Women in Tech Conference in Poland recently, which was also very exciting. Another very exciting recent trip was to Canada to present the 3M Recording Engineer of the Year award at the Junos!”

But what’s most exciting is coming home and showing her daughter where a STEM career can take her someday: “I take selfies to impress her,” Jayshree jokes. Last summer, Jayshree was able to visit 3M India for the first time.

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