Statement on Indianapolis Bankruptcy Court Decision
Aug 26, 2022

We are disappointed in the court’s ruling today and will be filing an appeal. Further litigation in the MDL court benefits no one. All parties should focus on the clearer path toward more efficiently and equitably resolving claims that are entitled to compensation through the well-established Chapter 11 process.

Continuing to litigate these cases one-by-one over the coming years will not provide certainty or fairness for any party. The well-established Chapter 11 process provides a simpler, more efficient path to resolution without the uncertainty and inequity of continuing to litigate. Plaintiffs determined to be entitled to compensation will be paid more efficiently and equitably compared to trying individual cases in courts around the country.

Despite today’s ruling, 3M continues to hope that all parties and their attorneys will come together to negotiate a prompt resolution to this matter, so that those veterans with eligible claims can be compensated sooner.  Our focus is on doing right by veterans and other stakeholders. 3M remains committed to provide $1 billion to a trust to help resolve these claims through the Chapter 11 process.

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