This new software from 3M could help invent the next big thing
Sep 26, 2023

At 3M, we know ideas have the power to lead to breakthrough innovations.

But even the best ideas need support to take root and grow. After a century of cultivating ideas into real-world technologies, we’ve mapped our idea-nurturing expertise into a digital platform designed for the world’s new hybrid work model.

3M FastTrack is a first-of-its-kind application that uses a peer-to-peer funding model to expedite the innovation process.  

3M has been using this platform internally for several years and is now making it commercially available.

As work teams become more distributed and less in-person, there’s a greater need for new ways of collaboration – especially around funding for early-stage ideas, when delays can stifle innovation.

“The world doesn’t lack great ideas. What’s missing is a clearer path to commercialization,” said John Banovetz, 3M’s chief technology officer. “More than ever, the world needs groundbreaking innovation to solve tough global challenges and we believe 3M FastTrack has the potential to unlock those great ideas.”

3M FastTrack gives innovators a way to quickly gain development resources and connect in a remote world with the people who can help move their ideas forward.

“You see the world differently when you can be an entrepreneur at work,” said Mike Swenson, a 3M FastTrack developer. “Every challenge sparks a ‘what if’ moment when you have the seed funding and support to get started quickly.”

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