Science is better when shared: How 3M and Nissha made anti-fog face shields
Aug 19, 2020

Every day, science helps to create new solutions — and in times of crisis, these solutions are more important than ever. Typically, 3M hydrophilic film is used for microfluidic devices like the blood sugar test strips used by people with diabetes. Following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, however, this film was repurposed to help health care workers.

The idea came from 3M’s ongoing collaborations with Nissha Medical Technologies, a global medical device company. Through their conversations, 3M learned Nissha was looking to create a face shield with anti-fog properties in order to improve the visibility and comfort of providers during prolonged clinical wear. Because 3M’s hydrophilic film contains anti-wicking properties that can direct fluids in a set direction, the team knew they could partner on a solution.

“We realized we had some material on hand that could potentially meet their needs. Our hydrophilic film contains anti-wicking properties that direct fluid flow, which means it can collect, channel and remove the moisture that causes fogging,” explains John Schiltgen, national sales manager for 3M Medical Materials and Technologies. 

Gemini Dyar, Technician, 3M Greenville Plant

3M quickly adapted this material for health care applications and collaborated with Nissha on the rapid development of LATITUDE™ PLUS protective face shields with 3M™ Anti-Fog Face Shield Film. Within a few weeks, these shields were available for use by clinicians as personal protective equipment to help protect their eyes and faces against liquids. The shields also gave health care workers who were running from room to room or dealing with larger case volumes critical visibility — mitigating the fog that used to result from their heavy breathing and increased body heat.

“New developments happen when innovators join forces. Partnering with 3M has enabled swift collaboration to address critical PPE needs,” said Jon Casey, senior vice president at Nissha Medical Technologies. “The Nissha and 3M medical businesses worked tirelessly to open massive capacity building for LATITUDE™ PLUS Protective Face Shield complete with 3M Anti-Fog Face Shield Film technology.”

In its response to the pandemic and global recovery efforts, 3M aims to find science-based solutions that address shared challenges and will continue establishing collaborations that amplify our impact as much as possible.

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