Q&A: Mask Nerd interviews 3M’s Nikki Vars McCullough on the science of N95s, masks
May 4, 2022

Aaron Collins, an engineer who tests masks and has gained a YouTube following as “Mask Nerd,” sat down with Nikki McCullough, vice president in 3M’s personal safety division, to learn about the science behind 3M N95 respirators and other masks.  

Aaron, a mechanical engineer with a background in aerosol science, has been testing and reviewing respirators and masks throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. He shares his results on his YouTube and Twitter channels, which have been featured in several top media outlets, and aims to answer questions from his wide audience. 

Nikki tackled questions that Aaron shared from his followers about the scientific testing, research, and regulatory process that goes into 3M’s safety products – as well as questions about fit, sizing, reuse and finding authentic N95s.  

You can view the full interview with Nikki here.

For more information on where to find 3M N95 respirators, information about all types of respiratory protection masks and tips for avoiding fakes, visit My95.com

This year, 3M’s personal safety division is also celebrating the 50-year anniversary of the first U.S. government-approved 3M filtering facepiece respirator, a precursor to what is now known as the N95. 3M is grateful for its customers who have trusted in its personal protective equipment between then and now.

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