Marina Pariseau joins 3M as chief diversity officer
Mar 8, 2022

Marina Pariseau started Feb. 14 as 3M’s chief diversity officer and vice president, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Human Resources. 

In a way, this is a homecoming for Marina, who began her Human Resources career at 3M. Her husband, Todd Pariseau, is also a 3Mer in Technology Transformation Services. 

“I am excited to be back at 3M, a company and collective community that has always been dear to me,” she said. “I am looking forward to partnering with my 3M colleagues to advance our diverse workforce initiatives and continue building a culture of inclusion and belonging.”

Marina joins 3M with extensive diversity & inclusion and human resources experience. She most recently was vice president, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion & Employee Listening at Ecolab.

Early in her career at 3M, Marina worked on a global project that allowed her to see how teams at 3M collaborate and share ideas to solve challenges.

“It was my first exposure to the value of collaboration and how to leverage the knowledge and experience of a group of people with different experiences, perspectives, languages, cultural norms and country regulations,” she said. “This cooperative spirit that viewed differences as an asset to the team has traveled with me to every company and every team I’ve been a part of since.”

Marina has learned a host of lessons in her career that she’s bringing back to 3M.

One is the importance of feedback, which she sees as “critical to becoming a better person and a professional.” Marina gives feedback freely and asks for feedback often – especially employees.

“Getting a pulse on what our employees care about, which of our efforts they’re proud of or where they’re dissatisfied with our progress are all important to making sure they see themselves in the future we’re trying to build together,” she said.

While many of the lessons Marina has learned about leadership have come on the job, she also learned a lot from her grandmother. Marina’s mom was single and worked two jobs and that meant her grandmother pitched in to raise her and her two sisters.

Marina’s grandmother started a “coffee time” tradition with Marina when she was young. It was a time to sit at the dinner table and talk over a cup of coffee – sometimes for hours – about everything from hopes and dreams to fears and worries. During those talks, Marina’s grandmother would find a way to carefully slip in some advice.

“Through our coffee time she taught me so much; the importance of making time and space for others, to value connection and relationships, to listen, respect and learn from the perspective and experiences of others,” Marina said. “She taught me to give advice and feedback freely and lift others often. It has become foundational to who I am and how I lead.”

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