How to make self-care part of your workday
Dec 1, 2020

Throughout the course of a workday, it’s normal to run into roadblocks. But if these problems are making it hard to complete your day-to-day duties, it is time to work some extra self-care into your routine.

Meet Andrew

Andrew Petriuusi (they/them/their) is an advanced technical analyst in Workplace Readiness who makes self-care a priority in their routine. “Self-care has always been critical for me, but my approach has changed over the years as I adapt to life changes, both internal and external,” they said. Once an avid bicyclist, a major life change resulted in less riding and Andrew noticed a gradual effect on their well-being. “I knew I needed to find something that would fill that gap and provide me with an outlet for my stress as well as a connection to the world at large.”

Initially, they turned to writing poetry and short stories, attended counseling sessions and leveraged a strong support network. After a year of writing, Andrew began to explore other forms of self-care, including mindfulness practices, which they continue to stick to through a regular morning and afternoon routine. Throughout the pandemic, Andrew has continued to adapt by working off past experiences, seeking input from their social support network and creating a community of support.

“Each person’s needs are unique, and those needs change based on context,” Andrew said. “I believe each person should explore and find what works best for them.”

See if any of these workday struggles apply to you — you might just find a way to revamp your self-care routine.

Want to work at a place where self-care is encouraged? Apply to join 3M.


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