Hispanic Heritage Month 2022
Oct 11, 2022

Hispanic Heritage Month is observed annually in the United States from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. It is a time to appreciate and celebrate the colorful cultures, rich histories and diversity of the American Latino community. 

In September, 3M marked the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month by partnering with Common Hope to support education for children in Guatemala.  

“As a global company, there’s real value in collaboration and inclusion,” observes Marina Pariseau, 3M’s chief diversity officer. “Throughout my career, I’ve seen how differences can be an asset to teams. Hispanic Heritage Month is one way to honor diversity of experience and thought. It reminds us to be proud of our roots and embrace a variety of perspectives.”  

3M is also committed to The Hispanic Promise, a first-of-its-kind national pledge to strengthen Hispanic and Latino representation in the workplace.  

As a public declaration of that promise, 3M has raised the Hispanic Star flag at its headquarters in Maplewood. It’s a public-facing sign that 3M is dedicated to creating a more inclusive work environment by hiring, promoting, retaining and celebrating Hispanic and Latino employees.

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