Filtrete™ Connected Solutions partners with Amazon Alexa to help improve indoor air quality and comfort
Aug 5, 2021

With the backdrop of a pandemic, severe wildfires and mainstream media coverage of air pollution, consumers have a heightened awareness of indoor air quality. Lifestyle changes such as a new baby, new home or new pet are prompting them to look for simple and seamless way to manage indoor air quality.

The Filtrete™ Smart Air Filter is a solution to three common homeowner pain points: when is it time to change the filter; what size is needed; and what type is best for your home? Thanks to an on-filter sensor, a Bluetooth radio and the Filtrete™ Smart mobile app, users have a simple solution to those pain points. Filtrete™ partnered with Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Services to enable Amazon to ship a new filter when your current filter nears expiration, eliminating the need to remember your filter information or when you need to purchase a new one.

According to Andy Boyd, who leads Filtrete Connected Solutions, “Time, convenience and peace of mind are more important to consumers than ever before. With the launch of our new Filtrete™ Smart Air Purifiers which include an embedded laser-based air quality sensor, we can provide a 24/7 automated air quality management system that builds upon the ‘smart’ technology used in our HVAC filters and our highly rated Filtrete Smart mobile app.”

Through 3M Filtrete™ Brand’s partnership with Amazon Alexa, Filtrete Smart Air Purifiers sold on Amazon come embedded with two new features, Wi-Fi Simple Setup and Alexa Smart Reorders, which address common consumer pain points in both device setup and filter replenishment. 

Once plugged in, the user will be prompted to link their Filtrete™ account with their Amazon Alexa account. With Amazon’s Wi-Fi Simple Setup, your stored WiFi password on your Amazon account will automatically connect the purifier to your home’s WiFi and the purifier will immediately detect and begin cleaning the current air quality– all within two minutes – which you can see from your Filtrete Smart app.  As part of the setup process, the user will be asked if they would like to enroll in Alexa Smart Reorders, which will allow Alexa to send a new filter based on the purifier’s run time, helping the user get the most value out of the filter and have a replacement filter on-hand.

“This is the beauty of digital technology,” said Andy. “We can optimize filter change through technology, which not only enables cleaner air and device/system performance but maximizes the filter’s full life and value. While we believe air quality is an incredibly important life essential, we understand many consumers have better things to do then checking to see if a filter needs changing and taking action to order a new one. It’s all done for them automatically with this new smart reorder feature.”

Amazon chose the Filtrete™ Smart Room Air Purifier to be featured as a ​best-in-class user experience at the Amazon Alexa Live 2021 worldwide developer event.

“Looking to the future, Filtrete will continue to build from its science-backed filtration portfolio into a holistic air quality management platform accessible through major smart home platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit,” said Andy. “This very important product launch demonstrates Filtrete’s dedication to air quality leadership and using digital technology to enable consumers to own their air. Stay tuned for many future generations of smart air quality solutions!”

To learn more, visit the Filtrete™ Brand website.

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