3M’s Arjun Sridhar serves customers in a connected world
Mar 7, 2022

Arjun Sridhar works within 3M’s Electronics Materials Solution Division (EMSD) to address his customers’ toughest challenges. The EMSD team – engineers, developers, marketers, and salespeople – all work together to bring highly technical products to some of the most influential companies in the world.  

“It’s fascinating to work on technical challenges hand in hand with engineers,” said Arjun, an account manager in EMSD. “Every day, we’re bouncing ideas off each other. On calls with customers, it’s me and an application engineer developing solutions for our customers. It’s an absolute team effort.” 

Arjun’s drive and focus has helped him serve his customers even as 3M and other companies have faced challenges with the global supply chain, raw materials and logistics.  
By helping his customers navigate those challenges every day, Arjun is living 3M’s purpose of unlocking the power of people, ideas and science to reimagine what’s possible.  

3M runs in the family 

Arjun’s dad, Kris, has been with the company for nearly 34 years. Arjun even went to high school at Mounds Park Academy – just up the road from 3M headquarters. After graduating from Indiana University in 2015, Arjun knew he was destined to work for 3M. He was hired in the 3M Electrical Markets Division in 2017.  

Arjun took his current role with EMSD in 2020 and made the move to Austin, Texas, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Strength in collaboration 

The COVID-19 pandemic created strong demand for consumer electronics, such as personal computers and smartphones. Arjun works hard with his broader team to help advance his customers’ products in the industry by providing them with 3M semiconductor equipment, products that maintain semiconductors and ways to safely ship and store semiconductors.     

“We are fortunate because 3M makes a lot of our products locally,” Arjun said. “EMSD has been able to deliver our products on time and address the mounting pressures our customers are feeling as they experience unprecedented demand."  

While Arjun has found that remote work during the pandemic has posed its own challenges, it’s also allowed him to build closer relationships with customers and coworkers.  

“Even though our team is across the country and the globe, I still feel a tight-knit sense of community knowing we’re all just a call away and are working toward the same goal,” he said. “I engage with my customers even more in this virtual environment with more frequent communication, which has been a key to success.” 

A maker of what’s next

Arjun loves his work at 3M because he can see how the company improves industries it serves.  

“It’s a great feeling to work at a materials science company and see your products play a crucial role in multiple high-growth industries like 5G and semiconductors,” Arjun said. “TEBG is always at the forefront of those trends and an innovator of what’s to come. We are always working toward the future.”

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