3M scientists who developed vaccine adjuvant discuss its potential to fight COVID-19 variants on science podcast
Jun 11, 2021

3M technologies are being used around the world to manufacture life-saving medications, including COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutics.

Among those products is a 3M-developed vaccine adjuvant called 3M-052. An adjuvant is used to boost the immune response and enhance the efficacy of vaccines being developed to fight evolving strains of COVID-19 and future coronavirus outbreaks.

3M scientists Mark Tomai and George Griesgraber recently sat down with the American Chemical Society to talk about the adjuvant developed by their team.

You can listen to the ACS podcast “Solutions” featuring Mark and George on Spotify and Apple Podcasts – or wherever you get your podcasts.

3M-052 was used in a recent Duke study that showed great promise in the fight against coronavirus variants. The results were published recently in Nature.

You can learn more about adjuvants – what they are and how they help vaccines work better – at 3M Health Care.

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