3M releases report: Helping protect lives, save global economies by applying lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic
Jan 27, 2021

Through global challenges of all kinds, 3M has partnered with governments and industry partners to help the world recover.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a pressure test of our system. It has taught us what happens when the global supply chain, governments and the world’s health care system are stretched to their limits.

What we’ve learned from this pandemic presents opportunities to be better prepared for the next crisis we will face as an interconnected world. 3M rose to the challenge of COVID-19, drawing from our past responses  to other outbreaks and epidemics.

In 3M’s experience, there are three key elements that make the difference between success and failure – management, manufacturing and mobility.

In this report, 3M is sharing recommendations on identifying the future challenges and how to develop public-private partnerships to help solve them.

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