3M offers water treatment systems to Cordova area residents
Oct 27, 2022

As part of our continuous efforts to understand our environmental footprint, 3M is sampling drinking water in private wells and public water systems near 3M’s facility in Cordova, Illinois, for the presence of certain per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Initial results from the sampling are being communicated to property owners.  
3M wants to minimize the disruption and any confusion sampling results could cause for the communities where we live and work. To help address this concern, 3M has offered a choice of water treatment systems to residents near the Cordova facility who get their drinking water from an underground well instead of a public water system -- regardless of sampling outcomes. The system can remove a wide range of PFAS. 3M is covering the cost of the system, installation and maintenance. Those who meet the criteria for this offer will include everyone who was previously contacted about participating in the sampling program.  
“3M is committed to being a responsible and engaged member of our community,” said David Andrews, plant director of 3M’s facility in Cordova. “We recognize people may have questions or be confused about the well sampling process and how to interpret the results. 3M wants to proactively offer a home water treatment system to all of our participating neighbors who want one – free of charge.”  
The weight of scientific evidence does not show that PFAS causes harm to people at the levels detected in these samples. However, this action will help 3M and the Environmental Protection Agency focus on what - if any - additional actions are appropriate for others in the community, which include 3M’s investment in state-of-the-art water treatment technologies currently being installed at 3M’s Cordova facility.   
3M is committed to keeping our communities and neighbors informed of our progress and we will share more as we are able. To learn more, visit www.3m.com/Cordova.

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