3M innovation on full display at CES, the world’s largest annual tech event
Jan 5, 2023
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It’s called the ‘most influential tech event in the world.’

CES – the annual proving ground for brands and their breakthrough technologies – will take place the first week of January in Las Vegas. Nearly 200,000 visitors will be on-hand to demo new products, listen to industry experts and garner insights on the trends of tomorrow.

3M will be there showcasing a wide breadth of its tech-forward products and solutions across several high-profile industries.

Here’s a sample of the 3M innovations being highlighted at CES:

Virtual reality
VR and the Metaverse will have a major presence at CES 2023. 3M is helping to transform the VR industry by innovating on centuries-old optical technologies to reduce the size of headsets and improve image quality. ByteDance, the maker of PICO VR headsets, will partner with 3M to highlight this new technology at 3M’s booth.

Medical wearables
Another partner moment at CES will be with Epicore Biosystems, a leading digital health company. 3M and Epicore teamed up to help create the Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch. Epicore also recently unveiled its new Connected Hydration sweat patch and mobile app, the first wearable to continuously measure sweat fluid and electrolyte losses while monitoring skin temperature and movement. 3M provided several medical-grade materials for both wearables as the company is widely known for being a leader in skin-interfacing adhesives.

Electric vehicles
One of the most attractive themes at CES is automotive. 3M is a trusted partner of several vehicle manufacturers and will be highlighting many technologies for the EV market. Perhaps the most impactful innovations will be for EV batteries. 3M offers a wide array of solutions to help advance battery performance such as thermal management, assembly, insulation and more.

Hybrid work
Hybrid work culture is here to stay, and new technologies are needed to foster this new way of work. In late 2022, 3M and Microsoft launched the Post-it® App for Teams, a digital whiteboard that enables hybrid teams to collaborate, create and take action with a simple and intuitive experience. 3M will be demoing the app live at its booth for CES patrons.

CES is also a venue for world-class speakers and panels. Jayshree Seth, 3M’s chief science advocate will be included on a panel discussion titled ‘The Era of Sustainability in Consumer Electronics.’ Jayshree will join a group of industry experts to discuss how companies are embracing sustainability in new and creative ways.

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