3M cleaning solutions provide Merry Maids customers with enhanced cleaning options
Aug 5, 2020

As people look for cleaning solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re proud to be able to provide Merry Maids, a ServiceMaster company, with the training and products needed to provide enhanced cleaning in their customers’ homes.

This collaboration combines the comprehensive research, development and testing capabilities of 3M’s cleaning scientists with Merry Maids’ experts in cleaning.

In a recent release about the collaboration, Merry Maids said:

“Merry Maids team members spend more than 6 million hours in customers’ homes each year and are the experts in providing clean and healthy environments. With this new collaboration, they can now leverage the 3M brand’s advanced cleaning products and proprietary cleaning techniques in the process.

“Merry Maids and 3M teamed up to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the cleaning process, spending over 500 hours researching products and solutions to bring the best of 3M cleaning science into the homes of Merry Maids customers across the country.

“Merry Maids and 3M continued to work together during the COVID-19 global pandemic to offer cleaning and disinfection services using 3M disinfectant. 3M offered virtual training on disinfecting products to ensure consistent protocols were followed across the country. Additionally, the Merry Maids network quickly incorporated the cleaning and disinfection protocols to clean and disinfect all equipment after each home cleaning to protect the health and safety of customers and team members.”

Merry Maids now uses more than a dozen 3M products in the homes of Merry Maids customers, including:

  • Scotchgard™ glass and stainless-steel cleaning solutions that provide an exceptional clean and surface protection.
  • Scotch-Brite™ brushes and pads include anti-microbial protection and offer safe cleaning power for multiple surfaces in the home.
  • 3M Disinfectant RCT Cleaner Concentrate, an EPA-registered disinfectant that meets the EPA’s Emerging Pathogen Policy specific to COVID-19, to disinfect high-touch areas in the home.

You can see a complete list of 3M products being used by Merry Maids here and find out more about the collaboration here.

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