Virtually dust free sanding debuts under new 3M Xtract™ Brand, delivering superior performance and enhanced safety
With twice the life and cut rate, and up to 97 percent dust removal, the new mesh abrasive from 3M is reinventing the sandpaper game.

ST. PAUL, Minn., Nov. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- 3M (NYSE: MMM) is reinventing the sandpaper game with the introduction of the 3M Xtract™ Cubitron™ II 710W Net Abrasive Disc which provides twice the life and cut rate, while removing up to 97% of dust particles as it sands metal, wood and composite surfaces.  

The new product recently hit the market in the US and Canada and is already the talk of the internet as users eager to give it a test-run, have shared demonstrations on platforms like YouTube with fantastic results. The 3M Xtract™ Cubitron™ II 710W Net Abrasive Disc is currently available in the United States and Europe and will launch globally in 2022.

3M has been a key player in abrasives since the company began on the shores of Lake Superior.  Almost 100 years later, the company continues to lead the industry in innovation, bringing both performance and improved safety to industrial operators everywhere. 

"Work and well-being shouldn't require compromise," said Debarati Sen, President, Abrasive Systems Division at 3M. "We've put a century of material science and application expertise into reinventing the sandpaper game and making compromise a thing of the past. No one should have to choose between effective work, value, and enhanced safety. With 3M Xtract™, no one has to."  

3M is committed to making sanding safe, clean, and helping users be more productive.   

All products under the 3M Xtract™ brand promise to "Cut the Dust," helping to give workers a better work environment. This is made possible through a specially designed mesh that extracts dust at every location on the disc. While mesh abrasives aren't a new offering for the industry, the unique benefit afforded by 3M Xtract™ products is that the technology enhances, rather than compromises, on cutting performance. How does it work? 3M Xtract™ Cubitron™ II discs contain 3M Precision-Shaped Grain technology designed to continually fracture into sharp cutting edges. As a result of this technology, 3M Xtract™ mesh abrasives offer twice the abrasive life and cut rate of leading competitors' net discs. 

Since they cut faster and last longer, competitively priced 3M Xtract™ sanding discs can deliver more value for production managers and shop owners by reducing the need for resupply and time spent changing pads discs. Safety managers can appreciate the improved working conditions of a virtually dust-free environment, and tool operators will appreciate their ability to get more done in less time with less mess and discomfort.  

The new 3M Xtract™ brand offers a suite of solutions including discs, tools, and accessories.  

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