New 3M™ Harvest RC clarifier brings chromatography technology to harvest clarification with a single-stage solution for upstream processes

ST. PAUL, Minn., June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- 3M Health Care launched 3M™ Harvest RC clarifier, leveraging its proprietary fibrous chromatography media to deliver a single-stage purification solution for recombinant protein therapeutic manufacturing. It is the next generation in harvest and clarification technology and is designed as an efficient option to increase monoclonal antibody (mAb) yields while streamlining a traditionally multi-stage harvest clarification process into a single stage.

"As cell culture processes are intensified to yield higher cell densities and product titers, the ability to effectively harvest the cell culture fluid with the consistency and scalability required becomes challenging," said Dr. Alexei Voloshin, global application development manager, 3M Separation and Purification Sciences. "The 3M Harvest RC clarifier is an innovative solution that combats these challenges while eliminating several steps to improve the biopharmaceutical purification process."

With the capacity to support single-stage clarification across a wide range of cultures with different cell densities, high packed cell volumes, and cell culture characteristics, 3M Harvest RC clarifier will allow manufacturers to achieve predictable performance, without programming every step. 3M Harvest RC clarifier is available for discovery through commercial volumes.

This new technology provides multiple opportunities to support upstream processes:

  • High Yield: 3M Harvest RC clarifier capsules consistently provide high mAb product recovery (>95%).
  • Optimized Upstream Harvest and Clarification Process: 3M Harvest RC clarifier condenses three process steps into a single-stage chromatographic purification step.
  • Reliable Scalability: Precision quaternary ammonium (Q) functionalized polypropylene fiber, combined with a 0.2 µm PES membrane, provides scalable and predictable clarification from discovery to commercial manufacturing scale.
  • Consistent Effluent Quality: The 3M™ Harvest RC clarifier introduces chromatographic separation earlier in the process to remove soluble impurities, resulting in cleaner effluent.
  • Low Total Cost of Manufacturing: The manufacturing flexibility, high yield, and condensed stages provide economic benefits.

3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division utilizes cutting edge 3M material science that pushes the boundaries of purification, filtration, and separation to support production, processes that change lives, and deliver quality solutions where it matters most. 

Individuals interested in learning more about the 3M Harvest RC clarifier are invited to contact their regional sales representative at (800) 243-6894 or visit

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