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4/12/16 2:49 pm CDT

3M’s Capital Safety will host fall protection demonstrations throughout the U.S. May 2-6, 2016, during OSHA’s National Safety Stand-Down. Capital Safety has historically been involved in OSHA’s Stand Down and is proud to

4/12/16 10:27 am CDT

In time for National Home Improvement Month in May, 3M Company, maker of ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape, is introducing the first and only poly-backed indoor masking tape that tears by hand at a 90-degree angle. ScotchBlue

4/11/16 10:02 am CDT

As designers, architects, and creative professionals from around the world arrive in Milan this week to explore the latest trends in design, they’ll discover a new place to “reflect” on their experiences. 3M Design (the

3/22/16 7:07 am CDT

3M, a global science-based company that inspires creative collaboration, today welcomed Nobel Laureate, Martin Chalfie, for an interactive session at its state-of-the-art innovation center in Dubai. Professor Chalfie was

3/15/16 8:01 am CDT

Visitors attending the 2016 Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in Las Vegas this week will be the first to see how 3M ingenuity helps make digital signage come alive in large-format, multi-touch displays. 3M is unveiling its new

3/15/16 7:01 am CDT

Insulating a home or a building is not a new idea. Many of us have seen the yellow fiberglass batting, insulation sprayed into the attic or the foam boards often used for insulation on homes and commercial buildings.

3/1/16 7:01 am CST

3M recently completed its longest known field test of a composite conductor in the United States, a 13-year field test of the 3M Aluminum Conductor Composite Reinforced (ACCR). Installed in 2001 on a 115 kV transmission

2/16/16 9:15 am CST

Unsightly black streaks on roofing shingles are an all too common eyesore for homeowners, but many are unaware of what causes this issue or how to prevent it. To equip contractors with the right tools to step in as a

2/11/16 8:00 am CST

3M Deutschland GmbH and Schuberth GmbH have joined forces to develop new and improved ballistic head protection systems for military and law enforcement applications. The agreement outlined plans to collaborate and

2/3/16 8:35 am CST

Year after year, “organization” appears on countless New Years resolution lists, particularly at the office and in professional settings, as individuals strive to start the year with increased productivity and workplace

2/2/16 7:01 am CST

When enjoying a sunny day at home or at the office, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is cooling costs or the potential effects of UV exposure. However, once your air conditioning bill arrives in the mail or

1/27/16 9:00 am CST

3M’s Personal Safety Division and 3M’s Capital Safety business, two of the industry’s leaders in personal protective equipment and fall protection products, will be joining forces to showcase their latest safety

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