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Character, drive and dedication: working with the best and brightest at 3M

3Mers have helped introduce more than 55,000 products throughout 3M’s 117-year history. That fact alone should be proof enough that 3Mers are curious, creative and passionate about what they do. And being able to collaborate with and learn alongside some of the best and brightest is one reason employees love to work here. So, it’s no wonder that when employees talk about their job with their loved ones, the people they work with are one of the first things they bring up.

Mike Swenson, advanced engineer for 3M Corporate Engineering, is the perfect example of a 3Mer who is inspired by his coworkers. And when he’s talking about his job, it’s oftentimes with his brother, Eric. Check out what they said about Mike’s amazing coworkers, and then read on for three reasons he knows he’s working with the best of the best.

A Closer Look at What Makes Mike’s Coworkers Stellar

When Mike started as a 3Mer, he found a community that brings the same values to work that he does every day:

1.     Playing to win, in the office and on the ice: One highlight of Mike’s 3M career has been the mentors he’s met along the way. In fact, there’s a leader in both Engineering and Business at 3M Mike credits with teaching him about the results-focused mentality at the core of 3M’s success. But they don’t just work together. They also both compete in the 3M hockey league, where they share the same play-to-win attitude they bring to the office.

“Certain lessons in work ethic are especially potent when your legs are burning late in the third period of a close game. His mentorship on the ice and in the office continues to be a great opportunity to learn from the best,” Mike says.

2.    Collaborating for innovation: When Mike began working with 3M’s plant manager in Aberdeen, S.D., he realized the value of collaboration.

He says, “We worked to analyze growth opportunities, savings potential and return on investment. Aligning individual projects to support a coordinated effort assured our success, and it was energizing to connect engineering projects to business results. The Aberdeen team really exemplified the innovative, hard-working culture at 3M.”

3.    Drive and dedication: A pivotal experience in Mike’s career was working with two 3Mers to develop a new manufacturing technology.

“Throughout the technology’s design and implementation, we have traveled extensively and faced all the challenges of developing something which has never been done before. My teammates have worked tirelessly to deliver for the business at every milestone, and are a perfect example of the character, drive and dedication found at 3M,” Mike explains.

Interested in a career where you can work with the best and the brightest? Learn more about the application process and working here by visiting 3m.com/careers.

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