3M and the National Coalition of Certification Centers award national scholarships

ST. PAUL, Minn., April 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- 3M's Safety and Industrial Business Group and the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3) have announced the winners for the Skilled Trades - 3M Transformational Scholarship for students with a focus in skilled trades. This scholarship will allow schools to help students from diverse backgrounds pursue their dreams in skilled trades while also bridging the gaps of inequality in our communities.

3M and NC3 awarded 50 students, who participated in the NC3 National Career and Technical Education Letter of Intent Signing Day, with a $1,000 scholarship. Created by NC3 in 2014, this event is modeled after the NCAA's National Signing Day for athletes. It is designed to honor students who are entering a technical field and to celebrate the dignity of work. 3M is proud to sponsor this scholarship, as it reflects the company's commitment to lifting diverse perspectives and developing the next generation of leaders. Both are important elements in the Safety and Industrial Business Group's mission of transforming the way work gets done today and into the future.

"We are excited to celebrate these exceptional students and provide support for their continuing education through the Skilled Trades – 3M Transformational Scholarship," said Martha Bennett, global vice president, 3M Safety and Industrial Business Group. "The skilled trades are in high demand among our customers and in all communities where we do business and encouraging diverse perspectives and representation reflects our values and who we are."

This year, over 65 institutions participated in this event across the country. High school students attended the signing ceremonies committing to enter into a skilled trade or career and technical education program for the 2022-23 school year.

"NC3 National Career Technical and Education Letter of Intent Signing Day is one of our most important events of the year because it focuses on the students - those who are our future and will make a great impact on tomorrow's workforce. We are honored to partner with 3M on The Skilled Trades – 3M Transformational Scholarship to support students across our nation achieve their dreams in the skilled trades," said NC3 Executive Director, Roger Tadajewski.

To learn more about NC3 Signing Day and view the recipients of The Skilled Trades – 3M Transformational Scholarship, please visit www.nc3.net/signingday.


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NC3 was established to help build a workforce prepared to meet the needs of today's and tomorrow's industries by connecting employers and educational institutions in synergistic partnerships that foster effective training, elevation of skilled careers, and employment opportunities. In fulfilling its mission, NC3 builds deep industry-educational partnerships and develops, implements and sustains industry-recognized portable certifications built on national skills standards. We envision an industrial labor market where all workers have jobs they need to thrive and all companies have well-trained employees they need to operate and grow. Learn more at www.nc3.net.


For further information: 3M Contact: Tim Post, tpost3@mmm.com; NC3 Contact: Jeff Nielsen, Marketing Director & NC3 Signing Day Coordinator, NC3 | National Coalition of Certification Centers, 262.498.0720, Jeff.Nielsen@nc3.net

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