Visionary ‘Meeting of the Minds’ Takes Place on 3M Campus as the Company Hosts Its Science and Engineering Faculty Day for Young University Professors

Recipients of 3M Awards Tell Their Tales of Innovative Research

In an eclectic assembly of visionary young scientists, 29 non-tenured faculty members from 20 of the leading R&D universities in the U.S. are sharing the results of their research here today, at the 3M Science and Engineering Faculty Day at 3M Center.

Each of the participants is a recipient of a 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award, under the company’s three-decade-old program to encourage the pursuit of new ideas among younger university professors.  The awards in the $800,000 program are granted by 3M as part of 3M’s support of innovative research in higher education.  There are 52 recipients this year.

“The 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award Program illustrates 3M's commitment to leading-edge scientific research in America and is an important part of 3M's greater than a century of commitment to innovation.  It also provides a great opportunity for industrial and academic researchers to interact,” says Terry Smith, Technical Director of 3M's Corporate Research Materials Laboratory. 

“The unrestricted awards enable recipients to pursue their own lines of interest and provides an opportunity to come to 3M and interact with their peers,” he explains. “For 3M researchers, it is an additional opportunity to stay in touch with the creative ideas that are stimulating some of the nation's brightest young scientists." 

Some examples that, attendees will hear about this year include:

  • "Biosynthetic Innovations for Sustainable Polymers" by Prof.Kechun Zhang from the University of Minnesota
  • "Organic Semiconductors for Optoelectronic Devices" from Prof. Trisha Andrew from the University of Wisconsin
  • "Adaptive and Responsive Nanoparticle Amphiphiles" by Kyle Bishop of Penn State University.

Also presenting are researchers from the University of Connecticut, Purdue University, North Dakota State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, Clemson University, University of Texas at Austin, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of California-Riverside, South Dakota State University, University of Michigan, California Polytechnic State University, Virginia Tech, Central Oklahoma University, University of California-Irvine, Washington State University, and Northwestern University.

Currently, the awards to each participating researcher average approximately $15,000.  Recipients are nominated and sponsored by 3M scientists. 

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