3M Announces the Addition of the Steri-Strip S Surgical Skin Closure To Its Family of Trusted Wound Care Products; Primary Wound Closure Offers Increased Patient Comfort; Easier, Faster Application with Good Cosmetic Results

Today 3M announced the addition of the Steri-Strip S surgical skin closure, a unique, primary wound closure device, to its family of skin and wound care products. The Steri-Strip S surgical skin closure is a noninvasive, adhesive-based wound closure device designed to treat low-tension lacerations and surgical incisions painlessly and without the use of needles.

Faster and easier to apply than sutures, the Steri-Strip S surgical skin closure provides a time-saving option for surgeons and other medical specialists. In fact, according to a recent study comparing surgical wounds repaired with Steri-Strip S surgical skin closures versus sutures, closure with Steri-Strip S surgical skin closure took approximately two minutes less than closure with simple running sutures(1).

As a topical device, Steri-Strip S surgical skin closure is noninvasive, which limits tissue trauma, has less potential for infection than traditional suture and staples, and offers added comfort for patients. Moreover, its unique design allows for more precise wound-edge alignment, providing better cosmetic results. In the study published in Dermatologic Surgery, 78 percent of physicians were satisfied or completely satisfied with the appearance of scars from wounds treated with Steri-Strip S surgical skin closure(1). Additionally, 85 percent of patients reported being satisfied or completely satisfied with the healing results of the Steri-Strip S surgical skin closure(1).

"This innovative technology creates a new skin closure option with multiple benefits, including minimizing scarring, which is important to many patients who undergo various surgical procedures each year," said Craig DiLorenzo, business director, 3M Skin Health. "We are pleased to introduce the Steri-Strip S surgical skin closure as part of our ongoing dedication to providing dependable, easy-to-use, skin-friendly solutions to the health care community."

The Steri-Strip S surgical skin closure is simple for clinicians to apply quickly and is available in assorted sizes to accommodate various wounds. In addition to a primary wound closure, it also can be used with suture or staple closures, or as reinforcement for wounds after early suture or staple removal. The device is constructed of soft polyurethane pads and interlaced polyester filaments to provide strong, secure skin closure on most any length of wound. The Steri-Strip S surgical skin closure can be worn for up to seven to 10 days, during which patients can take brief showers without any additional covering.

The Steri-Strip S surgical skin closure, formerly distributed as ClozeX wound closures, was added to the 3M line of skin closure products in April 2006. A variety of surgeons and physicians in different medical specialties have already experienced the dependable outcomes associated with the Steri-Strip S surgical skin closure after surgery. These health care professionals include physicians specializing in plastic and reconstructive, cardiothoracic, vascular, OB-GYN, general, orthopedic, dermatologic, and emergency surgeries.

"This is a truly unique design in the primary wound closure field that allows surgeons and other clinicians to think about and perform wound closures in a new, simple and effective way," DiLorenzo added. "The innovative technology builds on the consistency and reliability of our products."

For more information about the Steri-Strip S Surgical Skin Closure, visit www.3M.com/SkinHealth or call (800) 228-3957.

(1) Kuo F, Lee D, Rogers GS. Prospective, randomized, blinded study of a new wound closure film versus cutaneous suture for surgical wound closure. Dermatologic Surgery. 2006; 32:676-681

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