U.S. Tax Court Adopts 3M Radio Frequency Identification for File Tracking; Becomes Second Federal Agency to Embrace 3M RFID System

Following a similar move by the Tax Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Tax Court has acquired a 3M RFID (radio frequency identification) Tracking System to boost productivity and efficiency in tracking and retrieving its case files, which currently number approximately 100,000. The Tax Court also is applying the same 3M system to its law library of books, periodicals and documents.

Last fall, the Department of Justice became the first federal entity to acquire 3M RFID file tracking capability, under terms of a five-year schedule contract awarded recently to 3M for such systems by the General Services Administration (GSA). The contract allows 3M to offer federal agencies a simplified process for obtaining its latest RFID tracking products and systems for tracking physical files, at the lowest possible price. These products are listed under GSA contract number GS-25F-0033R.

The Tax Division prosecutes civil and criminal tax cases involving income taxes, as well as federal and state tax assessment issues. The Tax Court is the venue where such cases are adjudicated.

"It is gratifying to see RFID technology, and 3M tracking systems in particular, gaining recognition as efficient and cost-effective solutions to the growing complexity of physical record-keeping," said Dave Sayers, 3M marketing development supervisor for Asset Tracking and Protection.

Many major law firms and even some district attorneys' offices around the nation use 3M RFID systems to keep track of thousands of case files. But recently the new technology for file tracking has begun finding applications outside of the legal and law enforcement professions, in the fields of health care, corporate administration and academia. For example, Florida State University is now using 3M RFID tracking systems to assist its Offices of Sponsored Research, which administers nearly $200 million of grants for some 1,200 research projects.

"There is a widespread need in almost all endeavors to achieve more productivity without increasing human resources, and RFID tracking systems serve this goal very well," Sayers observed.

Traditionally, tracking files to keep their location properly updated and easily accessible when needed has been a cumbersome task, often marked by wasted time and money, as well as reduced security and potential liability. 3M RFID tracking systems vastly improve the process.

A tiny microchip and antenna are embedded inside a tag affixed to each file, which allows the file locations to be easily tracked through the entire workflow. As a file moves through various offices and checkpoints, a complete file location history is kept and can be easily viewed on any network computer. The systems enable users to easily locate, inventory, and check files in or out. They are easy to implement and can be integrated with existing records management systems.

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