New Generation of 3M IDCs Offers Superior Protection, Flexibility for Overhead Networks

The new 3M MX2000 dropwire connectors - designed for distribution, protection and customer termination in overhead lines - protect networks in the harshest environmental conditions, are easy to install and offer flexibility for a wide range of existing networks. 3M is introducing these connectors at the OSP Expo this week in Chicago.

The MX2000 connector, the latest generation of 3M IDC (insulation displacement connector) connectors, fully encapsulates terminations with a watertight material, helping to protect the network from all kinds of weather.

The connector's ease of use means faster, mistake-free installations. Dropwire terminations are made with only a screwdriver or 216 tool (can wrench) and are designed to prevent incorrect installations in the field, further ensuring network protection.

The new connector fits all existing networks and can accommodate a full range of dropwire sizes, from 0.4 mm to 1.1 mm conductors, and allows for multiple re-terminations.

The connector's unique design allows the user to snap the module on both DIN 25 mm and 35 mm profiles. The flexible, built-in protection allows unprotected distribution points to be upgraded easily to protected ones.

A central disconnection area offers test facilities for both sides, enabling prevention of service interruptions as well as disconnection and over-voltage protection. The over-voltage protection version is able to drain currents as high as 10kA.

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