3M Expands Its Product Offering for Aerial Copper Networks

Two new products in 3M's line of SLiC aerial terminals offer additional flexibility for copper networks while providing protection in the harshest environmental conditions. 3M is introducing these new products at the OSP Expo this week in Chicago.

The 3M SLiC aerial terminal 319 and the 3M SLiC stubbed aerial terminal's double-wall construction provides enhanced mechanical, impact and environmental protection of the splice while insulating the splice area. Interlocking ends permit the closure chamber to be extended to protect against sheath damage or for additional splice capacity. The SLiC terminal's craft-friendly design makes it easy to install, providing quick re-entry.

3M SLiC Aerial Terminal 319

A smaller version of the 328 and 530 models, the 3M SLiC aerial terminal 319 is an aerial, strand-mount, free-breathing terminal for copper applications. The smaller size, 10-pair terminal can be used in in-line or butt-splicing configurations and may be installed close to the telephone pole for easy access. The terminal's one-piece construction and quick-release latch allow for easy installation and re-entry without special tools and provide a location for a security lock.

The 319 terminal closure consists of two separate chambers - a distribution cable splice chamber and a drop termination chamber. The terminal chamber is designed to accommodate up to 10-pair configurations of multi-pair (3M ATS/TR block) or 3M single-pair MX2000 terminal blocks. Separate splice and drop termination chambers permit easy and secure access for service connections and drop maintenance without having to enter the closure splice chamber.

This terminal is available with spiral or rubber end seals designed to assure proper sizing and a snug fit around the cable sheath, prohibiting water from entering the splice chamber and eliminating the need for drip collars. The terminal can be extended easily in both directions by cutting a standard 3.6-inch by 33-inch SLiC closure in half to cover any sheath damage or a longer splice opening.

SLiC Stubbed Aerial Terminal

The 3M SLiC stubbed aerial terminal provides a fixed-count termination for aerial drop wires in a weather-proof, non-metallic housing. Self-healing drop ports accommodate different sizes of drop wires. The SLiC stubbed aerial terminals are available in 10- and 25-pair ATS/TR blocks and 10- and 20-pair MX2000 blocks.

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