3M Digital Signage Releases Network Edition Version 3.0; 3M Digital Signage Announces Powerful New Features and Enhancements to Web-based Digital Signage Software

3M Digital Signage, worldwide provider of digital signage network solutions, today announced the release of 3M(TM) Digital Signage Software - Network Edition version 3.0. Network Edition digital signage software provides the ability to distribute and play back media files, schedule playlists, and monitor a network of digital signs from any Internet-connected computer.

Network Edition 3.0 adds powerful new functionalities, plus augments and streamlines the user-friendly, reliable content and network management features 3M Digital Signage products are known for. Highlights include new network management capabilities such as the ability to assign multiple users/multiple roles, network-status reporting enhancements and an enhanced user interface designed for even easier use. In addition, functional improvements, fixes and optional content services help optimize network performance.

Current users of Network Edition 2.0 will receive automatic upgrades and see these improvements effective June 3, 2006.

Among the highlights of 3M Digital Signage - Network Edition v. 3.0:

New Features

-- User-defined media folders: Organize media to suit any size or type of project.

-- Multiple users/multiple roles: Create new usernames and assign specific privileges.

-- Schedulable layouts and tickers: Change screen layouts at will within a playback schedule.

-- Multidimensional reporting: Generate network activity reports by player, media item, or time interval.

User Interface Improvements

-- Task-oriented User Interface, with new descriptive tabs for faster, easier content, schedule and network management.

-- All new portal look and feel.

Functional improvements

-- Streamlined player registration.

-- Various speed and performance enhancements and fixes.

"Network Edition 3.0 delivers more power, flexibility, and reliability to our customers while noticeably improving usability," says Steve Saxe, product marketing manager, 3M Digital Signage. "Combined with a new reporting engine and other functional improvements, we're building on our promise to 'Keep it simple, make it count.'"

3M Digital Signage offers the 3M Digital Signage suite of content management software. Every version of 3M Digital Signage software uses today's standardized digital media files in their native formats, including Flash(TM), QuickTime(TM), Windows Media(TM), PowerPoint, URLs, .jpeg, .gif., and High Definition Video.

For more information about 3M Digital Signage - Network Edition Version 3.0, or any of the products and services offered by 3M Digital Signage, please contact the company directly by calling: 1-888-460-8060. http://www.3mdigitalsignage.com

About 3M Digital Signage

3M Digital Signage is a full-service provider of active and interactive digital signage and interactive kiosk network solutions for retail, financial services, entertainment, education, and other industries. The company's products and services have powered thousands of digital sign locations worldwide. Applications range from single screen installations to over 4,200 interactive kiosks and large-screen displays, controlled and monitored through a single network. The company is headquartered on Bainbridge Island, near Seattle, WA.



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