3M Products Featured During New York Design Week, 2006; Milano Made in Design Exhibition Highlights 3M Creativity, Innovation

When it comes to design, the inspiration and vision for new creations can come from just about anywhere. Sometimes, however, it is just better to go straight to the experts. 3M, widely known as an engine for product innovation, did just that. For the past four years, 3M's manufacturing experts have turned to renowned designers in Milan, Italy, to help bring their products and technologies to life. As a result, four 3M products will be highlighted in the Milano Made in Design exhibit in New York City, May 19-June 10, 2006, a show promoted by the Province of Milan and the Milan Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Region of Lombardy and other institutional and commercial partners.

The Milano Made in Design exhibit provides a showcase of more than 120 products designed by Milanese talent. The exhibit is located at The Milk Gallery at 450 W. 15th St., and will move to other cities around the world. 3M is the only American company recognized for Italian-inspired design in this exhibit.

"3M is honored to be included in this exhibit as a validation of our strategic collaboration with some of Milan's most famous designers to enhance the quality of our products," said Mauro Porcini, design manager, 3M Italy. "Design is all about emotion and human connection, which we take very seriously as an aesthetic integration with our technology at 3M, building upon our heritage of innovation to deliver products of the future."

In true 3M fashion, the products represent a diverse array of technologies and uses in multiple environments. The products include the 3M digital media system 710 projector, the 3M anti-glare and polarizing lamp, 3M safety shoes, and the 3M Omino Scotch tape dispenser. The products were selected by a committee comprised of Itailan designers, researchers, journalists, and politicians, all of whom are prominent supporters of the design industry in Milan.

Aldo Colonetti, coordinator of the Scientific Committee of Milano Made in Design commented, "The Milanese territory of Italy is a creative powerhouse known around the world as a premier hub for progressive and inspirational design. We are pleased to highlight a global company like 3M that clearly recognizes the influences of Italian culture and the value of Milan as a center of design excellence and expertise."

3M products highlighted in the Milano Made in Design Exhibit:

3M digital media system 710 projector with Vikuiti super close projection

Inspired by sports car design that has evolved over the years, the 3M Digital Media System 710 is much more than a standard projector. Vikuiti Super Close projection technology allows consumers to project high-quality, large images from a very short distance, making it ideal for business and home entertainment use. The 3M Digital Media System 710 features true XGA resolution, a USB media reader, Dolby 5.1 audio system and a built-in DVD player. 3M Digital Media System 710 will be available third quarter 2006. Designer: Design Group Italia; sold worldwide at a suggested retail price of $2,995.

3M Anti-glare and Polarizing Lamp

The sleek and flexible 3M anti-glare and polarizing desk lamp integrates perfectly into any office environment. It reduces reflective and veiling glare 50-80 percent on reading materials and work surfaces at viewing angles of 30-60 degrees. Designer: Pininfarina; currently sold in Asia at a suggested retail price of $136.

3M Safety Shoes

Leveraging 3M's proven expertise in manufacturing a variety of safety products serving multiple industries and uses, the 12 different lines of 3M safety shoes highlight the functional integration of design with technology. The shoes are intended for use in work and factory environments (in compliance with personal protective equipment standards to reduce exposure to hazards when engineering and administrative controls are not feasible) and include Scotchgard materials and Scotchlite materials. Designer: Pininfarinia; sold exclusively in Italy at specialized stores and shoe catalogs with a suggested retail price ranging from $75-$100.

3M Omino Scotch Tape Dispenser

The 3M Omino Scotch tape dispenser is lovable even before you realize its function. It asks to be touched and to be used ... a product that elicits a desire for interaction. Vision behind the Scotch tape dispenser inspires movement from design to communication as an icon with universal appeal. Designer: Stefano Giovannoni; this is currently in the development phase and not available for purchase at this time.

About Milano Made in Design

Milano Made in Design represents a special occasion for Milan, not only promoting the famous city's design skills celebrated all over the world, but, above all, the territory that fosters design excellence. Design is the metaphor of the characterizing and special mix of the Milanese urban region: the strict association of creativity skills and high-quality manufacturing production. The exhibition aims at confirming the Milanese leadership in design, but also at promoting at the international level the Milan system, together with its firms, its designers and its unique peculiarities.

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