3M Window Films Introduces Prestige Series; First Clear, Non-Metallic Window Film Blocks Heat and UV Rays While Preserving Interior and Exterior Views

3M, a world leader in window film technology, today announced the introduction of an innovative new line of window film products called the 3M Window Film Prestige Series. These new films are the first clear and non-metal based window films to significantly reduce heat and ultraviolet (UV) rays entering a home or building. 3M is backing the new Prestige Series with a limited lifetime residential warranty and an unprecedented 15-year commercial warranty.

The Prestige Series offers a range of benefits suitable for residential and commercial property owners in virtually every climate and environment. For properties near the coast or in humid areas, the absence of metal in these new films prevents against corrosion on the film - a serious issue for other clear, metal-based window films. In addition, the Prestige Series does not interfere with wireless and cellular signals which can occur with other metallic window films.

"The Prestige Series marks a significant technological advancement in how window films can enhance buildings and homes," said Jon Hanbury, marketing manager, 3M Building and Safety Solutions Department. "Residential and commercial property owners now have high-performance clear or lightly tinted window film options that combine all the benefits of heavily tinted or reflective film without the inherent drawbacks of darkened rooms or shiny windows."

"Window films in the new Prestige Series actually have less reflectivity than the glass they cover, so the appearance of your home or building is virtually unchanged," Hanbury added.

In summer months and in warmer climates, the Prestige Series blocks up to 66 percent of heat penetrating the window, resulting in less stress on air-conditioning systems and lower overall energy costs. Because these films allow more light to enter a home or building than traditional windows films, they also can help building owners and homeowners save on lighting costs as well.

Over a period of time, UV rays, solar heat and visible light can irreversibly fade fabric and upholstery on couches; chairs; oriental rugs; and other valuable items inside a home, such as wallpaper and natural wood floors. 3M window films are designed to reduce the effects of solar heat and visible light on furnishings and will block up to 99.9 percent of the sun's harmful UV rays, which are the single-largest contributor to fading. While no film can stop fading completely, these films dramatically slow the progress of fading to keep furnishings looking beautiful.

3M has been a world leader in window films for four decades, having received the first patent for window films in 1966. The new Prestige Series marks 3M's latest technological contributions to the industry. Leveraging world-class capability in nanotechnology, adhesives, multilayer optical films and precision manufacturing, 3M has created a new-to-the-world window film that is comprised of hundreds of layers, while being less than the thickness of a Post-it Note.

Prestige Series window films are available exclusively from the 3M Prestige Series dealer network. They are available in two clear versions and two modestly tinted versions. For more information and assistance in locating a 3M Prestige Series dealer, please visit http://www.3m.com/prestigeseries or call 1-866-499-8857.

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