New 3M Coban 2 Layer Compression System Introduced for the Treatment of Edema Associated with Venous Leg Ulcers; Latest Advance from 3M Offers Patient Comfort, Easier, Faster Application and Effective Sustained Compression

Today 3M announced the launch of 3M Coban 2 layer compression system, a new wound care product designed to deliver sustained therapeutic compression for the treatment of edema associated with venous leg ulcers and related conditions. The Coban 2 layer compression system provides a comfortable option for patients and is fast and easy for clinicians to apply.

"Venous leg ulcers can pose significant challenges for patients and wound care providers alike, creating the need for effective solutions that are comfortable for patients," said Kristen Comstock, marketing manager, 3M Health Care. "We are pleased to offer the Coban 2 layer compression system as part of our ongoing dedication to providing patients and clinicians with simple, easy to use products."

The Coban 2 layer compression system's unique design has two latex-free roll bandages. The inner layer is a lamination of polyurethane foam that is soft and gentle on skin. The outer layer is a cohesive bandage designed to provide sustained compression, shown to be effective in the treatment of edema associated with venous leg ulcers. Together, the two layers cohere to form a thin, comfortable, effective compression bandage that can help increase patient compliance with their wound care program.

Venous leg ulcers affect 500,000 to 600,000 people in the United States, often take a long time to heal and have a high recurrence rate. The Coban 2 layer compression system provides sustained compression up to seven days, which ensures therapeutic management of edema to support wound healing.

The Coban 2 layer compression system also can be used in conjunction with other wound care dressings, such as the new 3M Tegaderm ag mesh dressing with silver and 3M foam dressings, to promote wound healing. This combination offers a cost-effective alternative to other multilayer compression systems.

For more information about the Coban 2 layer compression system, visit or call 1-800-228-3957.

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