Take the ''Ick'' and the ''Ouch'' out of Household Cleaning; 3M Introduces Smart Scotch-Brite Cleaning Tools this Spring

Thorough bathroom cleaning has never been a job for the squeamish - grimy floors, moldy tubs and messy toilets are enough to make even the most seasoned cleaning expert run for cover. Just in time for spring cleaning, 3M introduces three smart cleaning tools - the Scotch-Brite bathroom floor cleaner and Scotch-Brite tub & tile scrubber are designed to get even the most diligent bathroom cleaners off their hands and knees. And, for mini-messes around the rest of the house, the Scotch-Brite carpet touch-up roller easily picks up dirt, dust and hair in high traffic areas.

"When you're in charge of cleaning, you're always looking for more effective ways to get the job done, especially for the more challenging or most frequent tasks," says Mark Sorlien, technical director, 3M's Home Care Division. "For the bathroom, we've expanded the Scotch-Brite cleaning technology to hair-grabbing, wet floor cloths and tub and tile scrubbing pads with built-in bleach. And for use all around the home, we've also adapted our popular lint roller technology to help make cleaning quick and easy."

Avoid the bathroom "ick!"

With a triangular-shaped head that swivels 360 degrees, the Scotch-Brite bathroom floor cleaner cleverly maneuvers around toilet curves, glides under cabinets and gets into corners. It even reaches the awkward space behind the toilet and attacks "misfires" around the toilet base. A specially designed wet cloth with ridges traps and lifts hair while simultaneously removing dirt and mess, so there's no more need for the "hands and knees" cleaning method. Wet cloths are disposable to complete a no "ick" cleaning experience.

Eliminate feeling the "ouch"

The Scotch-Brite tub & tile scrubber combines a built-in bleach formula with a powerful 100 percent scrubbing surface. The disposable scrubbing pad helps fight mold and mildew stains without using liquid bleach. An extra reach handle and uniquely designed head that conforms to corners and around fixtures provide tough scrubbing power. Now, there's no need for bruising knees and straining backs while scrubbing the tub and shower.

Touch up the house with ease

The Scotch-Brite carpet touch-up roller easily and efficiently picks up dirt, dust, hair and pet fur from more than 50 surfaces around the home with super-sticky tear sheets. This versatile tool comes with both a long and a short handle to help tackle in-between cleaning jobs both large and small. There's no need to bring out the vacuum for quick touch ups in high traffic areas. The carpet touch-up roller works great on stairs, wood and tile floors, sofas, curtains, bedspreads, and more.

All Scotch-Brite items are available nationwide starting in March at mass merchandisers. For more information, visit http://www.3M.com.

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