3M SandBlaster Abrasives: Flexing Like Never Before; 3M Introduces Revolutionary SandBlaster Flexible Abrasives and Accessories

Contractors, painters and do-it-yourself enthusiasts have long been aware of the slow and tiresome process of sanding. Both professionals and DIYers have had to settle for sanding tools that were not user friendly. Thanks to the innovators at 3M, professionals, DIYers and even novice sanders now can be assured of guaranteed professional quality results without countless hours of uncomfortable sanding. With surface preparation being the key to superior end results, the new 3M SandBlaster flexible abrasives are not only user friendly and easier to use than 3M's conventional sandpaper, but they offer a finer finish and faster results with less effort compared to 3M conventional abrasives of comparable grits.

This line of SandBlaster abrasives is revolutionizing a stagnant category through new, solution-based technologies that ultimately seek to grow the category, including high-performance patented minerals, comfortable and ergonomically designed hand tools, and uniquely formed abrasives that have the flexibility to tackle contoured surfaces and hard-to-reach areas.

The SandBlaster flexible sanding pads are highly flexible and provide superior results for even the most novice sanders. The flexibility is due to foam-like backings that allow the abrasives to bend and accommodate shapely, hard-to-reach surfaces such as groves, curves and details. Performing fast and making sanding easy, the abrasives are made with patented 3M Cubitron mineral. This mineral allows the flexible sanding pads to stay sharp from start to finish. Available in coarse and medium grades, the SandBlaster sanding pads are ideal for leveling bare surfaces and paint stripping.

SandBlaster flexible finishing pads employ a unique, microcut technology from 3M that creates tiny cuts or scuffs that gently polish the surface when sanding. The microcut technology does not cut as deeply as other abrasives, resulting in fewer unsightly scratches. The finishing pads even perform against the grain, guaranteeing a professional quality finish. The pads should be used between coats or at the final stages of sanding.

SandBlaster detail sanding tool and SandBlaster large sanding tool provides the comfort and ease that most sanders relinquish when using other abrasives. Ideal for flat sanding, the ergonomically designed tools offer a unique handle to accommodate your hand position and makes sanding less tiresome. While both tools incorporate soft touch materials and provide directional control, the detail sanding tool offers a unique, pointed head that allows you to tackle corners and tight areas. The large sanding tool has a flat surface that provides even and consistent pressure, while also making sanding comfortable.

Taking on two tasks at once, SandBlaster wall sanding sponges make sanding walls in preparation for painting a quick and trouble-free job. The abrasive side of the sponge is designed for spot sanding wall repairs. The other side of the sponge is made of dense foam for removing dust and other debris prior to painting. With a wavy design, the SandBlaster wall sanding sponge is contoured to fit the hand, making it easier to grip when sanding.

Made of a sticky, nonwoven material, the SandBlaster dust removal pad traps dust without leaving any adhesive residue behind. Lasting longer than a traditional tack-cloth, the pad is washable and highly flexible, allowing it to conform to a variety of shapes and surfaces.

SandBlaster flexible abrasives are available in home centers and paint, hardware and mass merchandise stores nationwide. The suggested retail price ranges from $4.99-$9.99.

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