3M Showcases Family of Protective Films for LCD Screens at D/C Expo 2006; Films Help IT Managers, VARs and Integrators Protect Hardware Investments, Reduce Warranty Costs and Secure Intellectual Property

3M, a world leader in optical film products, will demonstrate its innovative line of LCD screen protective films at D/C Expo 2006 in Chicago (booth #227). Among its trio of protective films are ARMR200 LCD removable LCD protection film, which prevents scratching and improves clarity; DQC-M film, which helps repair and protect already damaged LCD screens; and 3M Privacy Filters, which utilize microlouver technology to help prevent bystanders from viewing sensitive on-screen data. All three products offer IT managers, VARs and integrators cost-effective solutions for protecting their hardware investments, reducing warranty costs and helping to protect intellectual property.

"Our LCD screen protective films are designed to absorb the wear and tear that unprotected laptops and PDAs endure on a daily basis," said Sharon Middendorf, 3M senior marketing specialist. "By offering these protective films to IT managers, VARs and integrators as a value-added solution, they can now approach their customers with products that reduce the total cost of ownership of hardware and help to limit the time an LCD screen spends in the repair shop."

ARMR200: Takes the Beating So Your LCD Screen Doesn't

LCD screens can be extremely fragile and, once damaged, often require great expense and time to repair. Vikuiti Anti-Reflection Matte Removable Film (ARMR200) is a scratch resistant film that covers LCD screens and helps protect them from damage.

As a clear film with an anti-reflective surface, ARMR200 helps reduce mirror-like reflections, making the screen easier to view. Designed specifically for PDAs, touch-screens and other handheld LCD screens used for data entry, ARMR200 is a cost-effective solution that provides protection and full surface adhesion for up to three months.

DQC-M: Repairs and Protects Delicate LCD Screens

If an LCD screen is scratched or damaged from daily use and wear and tear, the Vikuiti Durable Quick Clean Matte Film (DQC-M) is designed to repair LCDs quickly without having to replace the entire screen panel. DQC-M utilizes a patented adhesive that repairs LCD display surfaces by filling in most surface irregularities such as indentations and scratches - rendering them virtually undetectable. Because it is a permanent film, DQC-M also provides long-lasting protection while helping to prevent further damage. Designed for professional use, DQC-M is a quick fix that will save time and money over replacing the polarizer and/or the entire LCD module.

3M Privacy Filters: Keeping Wandering Eyes Off Your Laptop

Even when a laptop screen is protected physically, the intellectual property residing inside the computer can be left vulnerable, the theft of which can cost a company millions of dollars. One of the easiest methods of stealing data is when the "wandering eyes" of bystanders glance at confidential data displayed on the screen. 3M Privacy Filters for laptop computers and LCD monitors were designed to help address this problem by making data visible only to persons directly in front of the LCD screen while the screen appears dark when viewed from the side. 3M Privacy Filters utilize microlouver technology that darkens side views, enabling users to work in the office, on an airplane or in other public spaces without the concern of people looking at their screen. Because it attaches to the front of the screen, 3M Privacy Filters help protect against dings and scratches that can permanently damage delicate LCD screens.

All three films contain Vikuiti display enhancement technology. Vikuiti films are made utilizing multiple 3M technologies including multi-layer, microlouver and microreplication, which results in sturdy yet thin films that manage light while also protecting screen surfaces.

ARMR200, DQC-M and 3M Privacy Filters are all currently available in sizes that fit virtually every screen size. For more information, demonstrations and a free sample of ARMR200, visit 3M during D/C Expo 2006 (booth #227).

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