Expanded Line of 3M Privacy Filters Gives Laptop Users Added Freedom to Work in Public Places; Unique Filter Technology Helps Protect Personal Information from "Wandering Eyes"

As wi-fi hot spots open with increasing frequency and wireless Internet networks debut in cities across the globe, laptop computer users now have the ability to work virtually anywhere. But with this wireless freedom comes a brand new phenomenon: "wandering eyes," i.e., the seemingly harmless glances from the people around you that can glean sensitive or proprietary information from your laptop computer screen. Laptop users can be torn between the need to be productive and their fear of compromising important information while working on airplanes, trains or in other public places.

The 3M Specialty Display Products Business hopes to give laptop users added peace of mind with its expanding line of 3M Privacy Filters, the only laptop computer filters that use a proprietary microlouver technology. The technology works like vertical blinds on windows to restrict viewing to anyone looking at the computer from the side. This unique privacy device allows people sitting directly in front of the screen to see their documents and information while others see a darkened screen. With the number of worldwide hotspots growing 87 percent in 2005(1), this level of privacy can give a greater sense of comfort to those working in wi-fi friendly airports, hotel lobbies, coffee shops and libraries.

"As laptop computers become more versatile, people want the freedom to use their laptops in more ways and in more places, without the worry of 'wandering eyes' glancing at personal or confidential information," said Robyn Strauss, marketing manager, 3M Specialty Display Products Department. "By using 3M Privacy Filters, people can be more productive when they work outside the office, and have confidence that their sensitive information will be shielded from unintended viewers."

In addition to protecting privacy, the filters fit snuggly inside the frame of the computer screen and can be left in place when the laptop is closed. This helps protect against dings and scratches that can permanently damage delicate LCD screens. All 3M Privacy Filters also feature Vikuiti technology, which improves screen color, contrast and clarity.

3M Display Products offers a privacy filter solution for almost any computer monitor, laptop or desktop, including the only widescreen privacy filters on the market. Depending on size, laptop privacy filters range from $50 to $80.

3M is the leading manufacturer of optical enhancement films, electronic display components, and anti-glare/anti-radiation computer filters. For more information about the LCD filters from 3M, or any of the numerous computer filter products, contact 3M Specialty Display Products Department at 1-800-553-9215 or visit www.3Mprivacyfilters.com.

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(1) According to JiWire, a leading provider of wi-fi hotspot information.

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