3M Raises The Bar with Upscale Style of Its Golf Glove; The Best Gets Better with New 3M Greptile Glove Design

For the discriminating golfer who takes the game seriously, 3M has created a new, premium golf glove using proprietary microreplication 3M Greptile technology. The exclusive 3M Greptile gripping material provides increased performance when compared to traditional golf gloves, and the new 3M Greptile Premium Golf Glove features higher-grade materials for the most selective players. Building on the successful introduction of the original 3M Greptile Golf Glove, an ideal glove for golfers with diminished grip strength and for anyone who wants to increase their performance on the golf course, the new model boasts a unique design that results in an improved fit and feel for golfers who demand the very best.

Made primarily of cabretta leather, the 3M Premium Golf Glove with Greptile(TM) material utilizes 3M's microreplication technology in strategic areas of the glove and on the pressure points of the fingers. The innovative technology is composed of thousands of tiny gripping "fingers" to create a sturdier grip with less pressure than other gloves on the market. Golfers who use the new glove can experience the Greptile grip advantage in the pressure points and in a snugger fit, so they can grip the club with less effort, leading to maximum club head speed for longer drives. In fact, a study conducted at the University of Minnesota confirmed the improvement with 3M Greptile golf glove leading to an average increase in club head speed of .7 miles per hour with ball flight distance improving 10.5 feet as a result.

"Our original Greptile golf glove was a great success for 3M, because we capitalized on our revolutionary technology," says George Dierberger, marketing and international manager of 3M Sports and Leisure Products Project. "For the Greptile premium golf glove, we've decided to take that innovation and build on it with still higher quality materials and more thoughtful design for the golfer who demands the best."

The original 3M Greptile golf glove is available in Men's and Women's sizes medium, medium/large, large and extra large at major chain stores and athletic retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price ranging from $11.95 to $15.95. The 3M Premium Golf Glove with Greptile Grip is produced in Men's left, right and cadet left, sizes medium, medium/large, large and extra large. Women's left glove sizes include small, medium and large. It is available at golf course shops and golf chains nationwide for a suggested retail price of $19.95.

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