The Tall and Short of Achieving A Perfect Kitchen
- Refinements that Make a Big Difference -

When it comes to kitchens, one size doesn't fit all. Kitchen designers say this truth is of increasing importance as more members of the family share kitchen chores. "We often provide cabinets and counters of varying height," says Marilyn Desmarais of Drolet Kitchen Center, Pawtucket, R.I.

"But even that doesn't always make utensils and kitchen gadgets accessible to all family members," she concedes. Desmarais says the backsplash area can be put to good use in placing utensils within easy reach. Walls by the sink and range also can be used to bring kitchen gadgets closer to the user, regardless of his or her height and arm reach.

"Exposed utensils, pots and pans are attractive kitchen decor," she says. To determine what's needed and where, she suggests that everyone in the family "practice" their kitchen tasks. "Then store what you need within the comfortable reach of each person."

Installing these tools doesn't need to scar kitchen surfaces. A series of mounting products with Command adhesive from 3M includes spring clips for recipes, menus or reminders; plastic hooks for dish towels and potholders and a new addition to the Command adhesive family: utensil hooks with a wire hook for cups and such gadgets as ladles, whisks and spatulas that are equipped with holes for hanging. The plastic hooks can work for these items, too.

In addition, consider self-stick 3M cord clips with command adhesive that keep electrical cords and wires firmly in place along a safe, clutter-free path on a wall. Whether you only have the wires of a toaster and coffee pot to deal with and a food processor as well, 3M cord clips ensure that the wires won't tangle, take up precious counter space or fall onto a cooktop burner. A strap on the 3M cord clip latches closed over the wires to keep them in place. If you need to add or remove a cord, just snap open the little strap and close it again.

All of the 3M self-adhesive products can be removed easily without leaving a hole, mark, stain or trace of sticky residue. Furthermore, you can relocate them when, for example, children get taller or you add new electrical gadgets. With Command adhesive removable mounting strips, you can use the products again and again.

Having kitchen utensils and appliances within comfortable reach promotes safety, says Bob Bullen of First Line Kitchens, Philadelphia. "It helps prevent people from inadvertently touching a stove burner or spilling hot food as they reach for something, and it also helps guard against strain," he says. He installed custom cabinetry with a built-in, foldout step stool for one five-foot-tall client, making it easy for her to get items from top shelves.

For a free brochure, "For the Times of Your Life," with additional ideas for organizing or decorating with Command adhesive mounting products, call 1-800-577-8778, extension 70, or write 3M Brochure, c/o Montage, 912 Industrial Drive, Milbank, SD 57252. For more information visit the web site at

Utensil hooks hold half a pound and come three to a package at a suggested retail price of $3.99. Other 3M mounting products with Command adhesive range in price from $1.99 to $3.99. All are available through hardware, home and decorating stores, discount, and office supply chains.

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