Sanding Is Now Less Work For Power Tool Users; Introducing 3M SandBlaster Abrasives for Power Tools

Power tool users are not stranger to hard work. Whether a construction worker is tackling a total renovation or a homeowner attempts a do-it-yourself project to strip and repaint a table, power tools help make the job easier. Now 3M, the leader in abrasives for over 100 years, makes these projects even simpler with a new line of SandBlaster abrasives custom-made for power tools.

SandBlaster high-performance abrasives for power tools are different than hand sanding sheets, because they were uniquely developed for high-speed sanding. Able to withstand high heat and friction, these abrasives last longer and reduce the chance of burning. They also cut faster and stay sharper than conventional sanding products, even at high RPMs. Available in a distinctive purple color, these abrasives incorporate innovations that make tools, such as angle grinders, random orbital sanders, palm sanders and Mouse sanders, into easy-to-use efficient sanding systems that leave a great finish.

"We know that people want to get the best use out of their power tools to help make their projects easier," said Jenny Hicks, new product marketer for 3M Construction and Home Improvement Markets Division. "For many sanding jobs there are several separate power tools that can be used and the right abrasives make all the difference. From the packaging to the minerals used, SandBlaster abrasives help users select the right products and get the job done quickly and easily."

All SandBlaster high-performance abrasives make sanding less work. Most SandBlaster products feature a 3M-patented ceramic aluminum oxide mineral called 3M Cubitron ceramic abrasive that lasts longer and sands better than conventional minerals -- even through the rigors of high-speed sanding. SandBlaster abrasives also feature a special coating that resists clogging.

Changing abrasives on angle grinders used to require several steps that interrupted the flow of work. Purchasing abrasives for other power tools can be confusing because the varieties available leave users stumped in store aisles trying to recall which abrasive type fit their particular tool. SandBlaster abrasives for power tools now feature two new techniques that make the selection task simple and fast for most brands of power tool:

-- Quick loading system for angle grinder: An exclusive quick loading adapter transforms angle grinders into quick-change sanding systems. A spin on and spin off is all it takes to switch discs.
-- Universal hole random orbital sander: A universal hole design developed for 5-inch sanders allows the discs to be used on all eight-hole, five-hole and no-hole sanders. The special kidney-bean shape design of the universal hole helps users avoid confusion when purchasing abrasives for these tools because they don't need to remember the hole-type of their specific sander.

SandBlaster abrasives packaging is color-coded to guide consumers to the application recommended for a particular grit: green is for grinding or stripping applications where grits range from 36 to 60; maroon is for bare surface sanding with grits from 60 to 120; gold is for finishing with grits from 120 to 220. The color-coded and grit descriptive packaging helps users select the right abrasives for any project.

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