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5/8/15 2:34 pm CDT

3M Innovative Properties Co. and 3M Korea Ltd. filed a patent infringement lawsuit on May 4, 2015, in the Seoul Central District Court against LG Hausys Ltd.

The suit alleges that certain LG Hausys Ltd.

4/29/15 9:09 am CDT

Despite health reports that say standing at work can lead to health benefits, new research1 by FUTURO™ Legwear from 3M reports that 55% of working Americans who stand on their feet for more than 4 hours a day have

4/28/15 7:01 am CDT

With potable water main pipe continuing to age, technologies for quick, non-disruptive repairs will not only speed repairs but also help keep costs down.

4/27/15 6:10 am CDT

3M Critical and Chronic Care Solutions today announces the launch of its new 3M™ Tegaderm™ CHG Chlorhexidine Gluconate I.V. Port Dressing, designed for patients with implanted port devices under their skin and connected

4/27/15 4:35 am CDT

3M, a science-based company that inspires creative collaboration, announced today that two of its powerful technologies have been selected to receive a 2015 Edison Award — a prestigious global honors program highlighting

4/15/15 1:44 pm CDT

3M Library Systems announced that it will expand its 3M Cloud Library Digital Lending System to libraries in the U.K. and Australia. Patrons in these countries will benefit from 3M’s entry into the market as it boosts

4/13/15 8:15 am CDT

To help healthcare systems improve the accuracy of patient data and address growing compliance concerns with electronic health record (EHR) documentation, 3M today introduced new physician workflow technology that

3/25/15 3:36 pm CDT

3M Co. and 3M Innovative Properties Co. filed a patent infringement lawsuit in federal district court in Minnesota today against Danville Materials Inc. The suit alleges that Danville’s sales of ZNanoTM universal

3/17/15 2:28 pm CDT

Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to living a healthier life. Whether that’s eating more vegetables, drinking more water or tracking the number of steps walked each day, people will go that extra mile

3/13/15 7:00 am CDT

3M launched today a new corporate brand platform – 3M Science. Applied to Life.™ – that will emphasize how 3M’s science impacts the world around us. The new brand platform underscores the company’s business strategy

3/6/15 5:51 pm CST

As part of its ongoing program to license to the dental industry 3M's patented technology that enables the coloring of ceramic-based dental restorations, and to protect its technology against unlicensed users, 3M has

2/19/15 10:05 am CST

3M announced Thursday its investment in Nanoscale Components Inc. The New Hampshire-based company is known for its economical process designed to increase lithium content in lithium-ion battery anodes. The investment

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