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5/30/03 2:00 am CDT

3M demonstrates the latest advancement in audio/visual technology for professional rear-screen projection with its new Vikuiti screen that manages both light and sound through built-in speaker technology.

5/20/03 2:00 am CDT

Whether your family is hitting the hiking trail, barbecuing in the backyard or camping out in the great outdoors, you'll want to protect against insect bites. Not only will your outdoor experiences be more pleasant

5/19/03 8:29 am CDT

3M has terminated a previously announced agreement between 3M Touch Systems Inc. and Zytronic PLC to distribute worldwide a private-label version of projected capacitive touch screens produced by Zytronic. The agreement

5/7/03 8:00 pm CDT

3M and Nitto Denko today announced a new polarization film for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) developed jointly by the two companies that offers significant improvement in brightness, viewing angle and thickness

5/5/03 8:30 am CDT

3M announced today that the company has submitted a supplemental new drug application (sNDA) with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market Aldara cream, an immune response modifier (IRM), for the treatment

5/2/03 9:01 am CDT

Affecting millions of American women every day, bacterial vaginosis (BV) is more common than yeast infections, but often remains unrecognized and significantly under-diagnosed. In fact, a recent national survey,

4/29/03 7:09 am CDT

The 3M Telecom Enterprise Department has joined Extreme Networks Inc.'s (Nasdaq:EXTR) "Go Purple" Extreme Solution Partners Program. 3M will provide fiber and copper connectors, cables and unmanaged switches for local

4/10/03 1:35 pm CDT

More than 24 million Americans are infected with the human papillomavirus (HPV)(1), the virus that can cause one of the most common, yet least recognized, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) known as external genital

4/4/03 12:11 pm CST

3M announced today it has acquired GuardiaNet Systems Inc., a leading software company serving the public library market. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

GuardiaNet's software and hardware manages

3/26/03 7:59 am CST

The United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit ruled against 3M yesterday in a federal antitrust claim brought in 1997 by LePage's Inc., a transparent tape competitor of 3M. 3M intends to petition the United

3/21/03 10:48 am CST

3M Health Care now offers the only surgical clipper on the market with a fixed disposable blade assembly that can be operated by either rechargeable battery or electrical cord. The company will introduce the new product

3/18/03 10:32 am CST

"Electrical Performance Advantages of Ultrathin Dielectric Materials Used for Power-Ground Cores in High-Speed, Multilayer Printed Circuit Boards" will be presented at IPC Printed Circuits Expo 2003 by Joel Peiffer,

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