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9/18/03 2:00 am CDT

3M announced today that its Vikuiti polarizing lens products for sunglasses are now available to all converters and manufacturers worldwide looking to reduce glare and block UVB/UVA with a scratch-resistant, lightweight

9/16/03 3:15 pm CDT

In a move reflecting the ever-evolving uses of the beloved Post-it Note, 3M introduces Post-it Super Sticky Notes. Utilizing a newly designed and patented adhesive system, Post-it Super Sticky Notes have the power to

9/2/03 4:41 pm CDT

When it comes to gift wrapping, do family and friends continually marvel at your imaginative handiwork? Are you able to turn even the oddest-shaped gift -- such as a telescope or swing set -- into an exquisite showpiece

9/2/03 2:00 am CDT

When levels of air pollution inside the home can be high. People can participate in this effort by prohibiting smoking in the home, changing their home's air filter and performing other simple tasks starting the week of

8/27/03 11:07 am CDT

An advanced power-line cable from 3M, designed to reduce electrical transmission congestion by increasing overhead electrical power-line capacity, is undergoing advanced field testing by utilities in three states.

8/19/03 2:00 am CDT

An advanced power-line cable from 3M, designed to reduce transmission bottlenecks by increasing overhead electrical power-line capacity, is one of the most technologically significant products introduced into the

8/14/03 8:01 am CDT

3M Health Information Systems Division announced today that the U.S. Air Force Medical Operations Agency (AFMOA) has selected 3M to provide a comprehensive package of consulting, auditing, and training services to assess

8/14/03 2:00 am CDT

O-Cel-O sponge scrubbers with fun designs (a brand of the 3M Co.), internationally acclaimed fashion and product designer Cynthia Rowley, and Parsons School of Design have selected the winner of the Second Annual "Fun By

8/4/03 12:46 pm CDT

Whether you're hitting the hiking trail, barbecuing in the back yard or camping out in the great outdoors, you'll want to protect against mosquito bites. Not only will your outdoor experiences be more pleasant without

8/4/03 8:00 am CDT

Most Americans still don't know about the early signs of one of the most common types of skin cancer. That's why 3M Pharmaceuticals is partnering with local medical institutions to raise awareness about actinic keratosis

8/4/03 2:00 am CDT

A Prince George's County, Md., patrolman accepted the 3M/International Association of Auto Theft Investigators (IAATI) 15th Annual Vehicle Theft Investigation Award today for using his knowledge of component part labels

8/1/03 2:00 am CDT

3M is introducing seven Command adhesive locker and decorative items to adorn, tidy up and organize teens and 'tweens' belongings both at school and at home as the latest addition to the brand's product line of self-

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