3M Releases Hot Melt LC Connectors

Thursday, July 7, 2005 8:54 am CDT



AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The new 3M hot melt LC connectors are now available to data and telecommunications professionals who install fiber optic networks. The 3M connectors accommodate singlemode or multimode fiber and come in simplex and duplex versions for a variety of cable sizes ranging from 250 and 900 micron buffer up to 3 mm jacketed cable. They offer all the advantages of 3M patented, pre-loaded, hot melt technology - fast installation, ease of termination, reliability, low insertion loss and high yield - but at half the size of SC and ST connectors. These new 3M LC connectors meet and exceed TIA 568-B.3 specifications.

With the factory-injected 3M hot melt adhesive, there is no inconsistent mixing or application of epoxy and no adhesive shelf life issues. Polishing is three to four times more consistent because of the simplified process and tooling (patents pending). This is an easy-to-install field-mount connector with the reliability of an adhesive and no internal splice.

The 3M LC connector is recognized in the industry for its small form factor design. Combined with 3M hot melt technology, it is ideal for premises and LAN applications. The 3M hot melt LC is another example of 3M expertise in the termination of high bandwidth fiber optic backbones as well as FTTD.

Installers who already have a 3M hot melt kit can buy an LC expansion kit that includes a weighted polishing jig, which gives a finish that provides precise centering of the physical contact (PC) at the fiber end face. This results in high performance with low optical loss and reflection.

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