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10 roles in 24 years: One 3Mer shares how she's grown

Monday, December 16, 2019 11:08 am CST

Alessandra Chiareli, global super user network lead for Organizational Change Management at 3M, attributes changing careers 10 times in her 24 years at 3M to the professional growth opportunities 3M has given her. And no one knows better than her brother, Toni, about her accomplishments. They’ve shared a lifetime of experiences together, including going to the same schools from kindergarten through their doctorate programs. Check out what Toni had to say about the growth opportunities his sister has received at 3M:

Growing, Skill by Skill
Twenty-four years into her career at 3M, Alessandra has changed jobs 10 times. She didn’t understand why she was compelled to change careers so often until, 15 years into her career, she read a book suggested on 3M’s self-development website. Reading the StrengthsFinder book and taking the corresponding assessment made her realize that one of her strengths was being a learner.

“By this time, I had changed areas a couple of times, but now I was even more open to being pulled to contribute to different areas of the company,” she says. Alessandra knew that 3M sets expectations its employees should embrace learning and development, so she really focused on building upon the skills she developed after 10 years of undergraduate and graduate studies in STEM.

“I came in with expertise in mathematics and physics as well as a strong background in the scientific method, which allowed me to conduct research and innovate to earn three patents,” she explains. “At 3M, I’ve gained new scientific skills, particularly in technical computations. But I’ve also learned how to develop and commercialize, lead teams effectively, use the Six Sigma methodology for process improvement, facilitate trainings, run an international business, manage strategic accounts and help prepare an organization to effectively go through a big change.”

Alessandra never expected that her career path would lead her to a role in Organizational Change Management, but she realizes now that she’s trained her whole career to make a difference in this role, and she’s great at what she does.

“In addition to learning skills that have contributed to my career growth, 3M has also helped me develop skills that allow me to give back to the internal and external communities of 3M,” she says. “I co-founded a few employee organizations at 3M, such as our Latino Resource Network; I serve on the steering team of 3M Inspire, our special interest group that brings awareness to the benefits of mindfulness; and externally I have mentored several inner city high school students over the years and serve on a nonprofit arts board.”

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