3M Enhances Law Enforcement Software Systems

3M’s end-to-end solution adds flexibility, performance upgrades

Friday, October 18, 2013 10:47 am CDT



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"With these upgrades and two more highly requested products in the immediate pipeline, we are addressing many of the requests of our valued customers"

Today, 3M Public Safety announces upgrades to two of its software systems that identify, capture, and transmit information for law enforcement.  Both the 3M™ Back Office System Software and 3M™ License Plate Capture Software received functional, privacy and performance based upgrades as 3M continues to invest in and grow its portfolio of solutions in the public safety arena. Scheduling of software upgrades are currently in progress.

“In the past year, we’ve really focused on integrating and optimizing acquired products into our solution set to become an even stronger partner with law enforcement,” says Lori Bluemel, newly appointed Public Safety Product Manager. “We’ve had a 60+ year relationship with this community and are poised to continue development on our current technologies, as well as bring new innovations to market.”  

3M Back Office System Software v 3.2.0 (formerly known as BOSS) enhancements include a feature that allows the system to capture reads from 3M License Plate Capture Software v 2.7.0 (formerly known as PAGIS) that have been sanitized of personal identifying information, while still maintaining accurate read statistics in the system. The upgrades also allow for greater flexibility of data purging, a better dispatch performance for heavy read loads, and a redesigned reporting function for collecting usage statistics by location. Additionally, installation can now take place on any CPU so as to capitalize on greater memory for users with 64 bit servers.

3M License Plate Capture Software has been enhanced to include new privacy options designed to provide greater administration flexibility regarding privacy compliance.  A license plate capture review screen has also been added.

The overall upgrade effort also included a customized communication layer between the two software products.  This will improve speed, accuracy, and reliability of data transfer.

“With these upgrades and two more highly requested products in the immediate pipeline, we are addressing many of the requests of our valued customers,” Continued Bluemel. “As we continue to look to the future, our team is gathering and evaluating customer feedback, in addition to best practices and industry trends to develop our next set of product offerings that will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers,” she added.

About 3M ALPR Solutions: 

3M automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) products and services are utilized throughout the world in more than 33 countries, helping a variety of agencies increase productivity, stop criminal activity, and collect data for traffic analysis.  Specific products and services include:

  • Cameras - Available for fixed or mobile deployments, 3M cameras feature the use of “triple-flash” technology which enhances read accuracy by suppressing ambient light such as headlights and bright sunlight.
  • Hardware - Engineered and tested specifically for use with 3M ALPR systems, our rugged processors and accessory components provide unmatched durability
  • Software - An array of software packages add analytical functionality and reporting capability to deployed ALPR systems in a wide variety of applications including law enforcement, tolling, congestion charging, access control, and parking
  • Services - On-site installation, training, consultation, and related services.

To learn more about law enforcement technology solutions from 3M, please visit 3M Public Safety’s website.


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